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Louisa Corr was born in 1988 in North West Germany, and in her late teenage years moved to a very different life in Doha, Qatar before gaining a Bachelor arts degree at Leeds University in 2010. Her passion for painting began to grow together with her desire to explore the differences in cultures, people and ways of living and took a year to live in a natural environment from Vancouver to Banff, Canada. For 8 years now, she has resided between Cambridge and North London gaining confidence and belief in her ideas and creativity everyday. These unique experiences of such great diversity in a short period of time has had a profound affect on the artwork she creates. She first started painting at Secondary school with her dad as Head of the Art department. She enjoyed the challenge of learning how to paint and knowing that there was no limit to the skills learnt and artwork produced.

She often paint with bright colour and reflect the environment and country which she is living in at the time. She has lived in Germany, Qatar, England and Canada so this is why her work can be varied.  She tends to dip into different art movements with each series and then brings what she has learnt to the next paintings. She wants to create paintings that she loves just as much as other people should.


The freedom, challenge and escapism she experiences in painting is exhilarating for her and she thrives on the fact that art is never finished and will always be learning and improving. Louisa feels freedom that she tries to allow to seep through into other aspects of her life.

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