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Self Portrait by Louisa Corr 56 x 45.5 cm Portrait Artist Of The Year 2023.jpg


Louisa Corr, born in North West Germany (1988), embarked on a transformative journey when she ventured to Doha, Qatar during her late teens. Her academic path led her to Leeds University, where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in the Arts in 2010. It was within the backdrop of these geographical transitions that the spark of her passion for painting was ignited, fuelled by a curiosity for diverse cultures and ways of life.

As her journey continued, she found herself immersed in the natural landscapes stretching from Vancouver to Banff, Canada, spending a transformative year that nurtured her creative spirit. Over the past decade and more, she has artfully divided her time between Cambridge and North London, allowing these distinct environments to wield their influence on her artistic expression.

Louisa's first step into the professional art world was a solo exhibition at a clubhouse in Doha, Qatar in 2007. It was during this exhibition that her inaugural paintings marked the beginning of her artistic success.

Louisa's artistic style spans several genres. From captivating portrait work to engaging abstract pieces that evoke emotions, and still life modernist paintings that breathe life into natural forms - her repertoire is a testament to her versatility.

In each series she undertakes, she weaves in elements from various art movements, skilfully expanding influences that enrich her subsequent works. This fusion of styles speaks to her dedication to continual growth and innovation.

At the heart of her artistic pursuit lies the desire to create personal pieces that resonate deeply with her audience. For Louisa, the canvas is an exhilarating space she wholeheartedly embraces. Guided by her artistic evolution, she finds joy in the ongoing journey of learning, self expression and refinement.

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