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Parallax Art Fair
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Louisa Corr

Contemporary Abstract and Portraiture Artist

Louisa Corr is a portrait and abstract artist based in Cambridge and London, UK. She is working on a series of abstract paintings; some are designed to be visually pleasing and also ambiguous in relation to subject matter. Others include realistic flowers but within an abstract composition. Her abstract architecture collection are in cubist style and represents a simplified view of different architectural shapes from around the world, mainly focusing on balancing colour, composition and tone.


Louisa also takes great pleasure in developing her portraiture work and has produced a series of large-scale, dramatic celebrity portraits. A selection of well-known people own a painting of their portrait by Louisa which includes but not limited to Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington, Julian Rhind-Tutt and Steve Spiers.


Louisa Corr was selected as a wildcard artist on the Sky Arts TV Landscape Artist of The Year 2015 in which she painted Waddesdon Manor and was interviewed by Frank Skinner.


Louisa will be displaying artworks at the Parallax Art Fair in July 2022 in Kensington, London and has two works currently displayed in the Art in East Anglia gallery and has exhibited in Ely Babylon Arts Gallery.

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