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Art Collectors: Where to buy art online in Covid world?

Now in Covid world, we can’t easily visit art galleries or art fairs without feeling uneasy or unsafe so we are all moving things more online than ever. As an artist that was already predominently focusing selling artwork online this is good news. However, there are so many art websites to sell to and buy from and now more artists than ever moving online which is great news for you! Not so much me haha! I am going to recommend about 3 art websites that are fantastic places to buy art from your favourite artists and keep going back to them or find new ones each time!

So, Where to buy art online in Covid world? If I don’t say so myself, this is an interesting question, and I am going to answer it in the perspective of an artist/painter selling my own artwork online. I have my artwork displayed on 3 online art galleries; Artfinder, Singulart and Saatchi Art Gallery. All of these Art websites display artworks from artitsts with a wide range of unique and recognisable styles. As an artist, I prefer the interface and design of Singulart because my paintings are displayed in a very professional and sleek design and they add our paintings into an interior design setting. I am under the impression Singulart is a start up company and also pick artists which are either internationally recognised, show great potential to be succuessful in the artworld either through their current art portfolio or previous exhibitions and galleries. I am excited to see what will happen with them as I have only recently become apart of the Singulart website. I have a couple of paintings on Saatchi Art Gallery, the reason I don’t have that many and have not invested much time with them is that they require the paintings to be wrapped up to their specific requirements which can be slightly more hard work for artists, especially when I have developed my own safe and secure wrapping technique which has proved perfect with my art buyers. As an artist, I don’t like to be so meticulous and accurate so this is a bit of a deterrent, which it shouldn’t be but that is just my personality! I have been with Artfinder the longest, they have a wide range of artists on there website and a lot of art buying interest. They display the paintings well and you are given all the information about the artwork that you are likely to need. You can also leave reviews for the artist which is a great personal touch and be updated with any new paintings once they upload others. If you find yourself looking at my artwork on one of these websites, be sure to post any paintings you like of mine under the hashtag #CorrPainter I will be so grateful and very excited! I wish you all the best looking for paintings that you will fall in love with!

Art Collectors: Where to buy art online in Covid world? #CorrPainter @LouisaCorrArt Tweet

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