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Art news: My sketch was used for london theatre!

Portrait Drawing by Louisa Corr

Scaffold State is a young Theater Production Company that is wildly successful, exciting and professional. Yesterday, I performed in one of the Scaffold State’s plays, ‘Resistance by Numbers’, written, produced and directed by one of the best acting teachers & directors in London – Gareth Kennerley. All ideas of our really unique characters, dynamic scenes and fascinating (and sometimes quite out there!!) dialogues came about through spontaneous, and lively processes of fun play and acting as a group within each class.

Sketch projected for Theatre show

Read about the evening acting classes that all fits nicely around your regular job! Perfect for those interested in incredibly rewarding 3 hour acting classes in which you will develop acting skills, gain confidence, have enormous fun meeting great new people and act in a theatrical performance to top everything off!

Below are a couple of portrait drawings I produced that were projected in the space throughout the play to add further understanding and visual interest to the story and characters within the play.

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Portrait drawing

Pencil and biro pen portrait drawings


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