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Can You Buy Fine Art Online?

Yes! You can buy art online, on many online art market websites including as Saatchi Art, Artfinder, and Artnet. As a contemporary British Artist, I have experience selling my own fine art paintings on ArtFinder; it is very streamlined for art buyers. As an art buyer, you are able to buy artworks from artists all around the world and search for them by genre, art style, subject, price, date and artist name.

still dance 100 x 50 cm acrylic on canvas original fine artwork This is a original one-of-a-king acrylic oil painting with gloss matte medium on canvas ready to hang on your wall. Large and small paintings for sale with shipping worldwide. British Contemporary artist who paints abstracts, celebrity portraits, surrealistic and realistic still life flowers  and rose hips. Safely and packaged artworks. Art. buy art online london english artwork art buyer collector louisa corr can you buy fine art online ? You can buy art online streamlined artfinder art finder saatchi art art buyer artnet shipping packaged delivered safely rose hip rosehips rosehaw rose haw red purple surreal surrealism surrealist emerging artist up and coming
'Still Dance' 100x50cm Acrylic on Canvas

You have pictures of the artworks to view, and all information you require such as size, material, signature details, framed or unframed, ready to hang etc. You have a 14-day money back guarantee if the painting is not as described, however there are reviews on each artists page so you can view that you will be receiving what you see on the webste. I always package my paintings very securely and send them with tracked and signed delivery with UPS or Parcelforce which has had a 100% successful track record. Each artist can be reviewed by the art buyer once a painting has been purchased. I have many artworks on Artfinder and one of them I have posted here (left), a fine art painting from a selection of my still life rose hip paintings, you can find them on Artfinder too to see the details.

'Still Life' was Featured by ArtFinder Editors

This painting was picked by Artfinder editors as 'Best of October 2022'.

'Still Dance' is a still life painting from the new series that I have been coming back to over the last 9 years. I initially chose to paint poppyseeds because I live in London which often makes you feel you need to hurry or keep busy and it felt important to me subconsciously spend a moment focusing on nature and stillness, the look of poppyseeds felt like the perfect subject, flowers have petals which move in the wind, but the sphere of the poppyseed head was the most still form in nature I found when walking (speed walking) around London.

award winning artist red rose sponsors hmc still dance coax 2022 cambridge open art exhibition louisa corr still life paintings art artist uk british contemporary emerging
Award Winning 'Red Rose' and 'Still Dance' COAX 2022

'Still Dance' is an acrylic painting of two rose hip heads, painted part from real life and part imagination. The strong tonal contrast has been incorporated to create depth and a powerful presence for the rose hip heads. The composition is a particular favourite of mine, I really enjoy the tall thin stalks carrying the beautiful serene poppyseed heads, to me it is very aesthetically pleasing and I am excited to seek out more beautiful compositions and create more dynamic poppyseed heads in terms of the colours, tone, shape, leaves and contrast.

still dance painting exhibition exhibited in art in east anglia gallery uk british artist emerging surreal still life purple red rose hip rosehips louisa corr art fair flower flowers
'Still Dance' Exhibited in Art in East Anglia

'Still Dance' was exhibited in Cambridge, October 2022, at the COAX exhibition alongside 'Red Rose'. The painting has been exhibited in Art in East Anglia as you can see from the photo.

It is titled 'Still Dance' as you can imagine, it looks like a moment caught between the two rose hip heads and there is a romantic element, it could be as though they are dancing together, again, it is not a direct or accurate representation of a poppy seed head; the colour, positioning, vibrancy and leaves have been deliberately enhanced and exaggerated yet simplified to it's purest, elegant form.

louisa corr still life acrylic painting art artist rose hip rosehips still dance
'Still Dance' Close-up

It is not a direct or accurate representation of a rose hip head; the colour, positioning, vibrancy and leaves have been deliberately enhanced and exaggerated yet simplified to it's purest, elegant form.

It has been painted by layering translucent Acrylic paint combined with heavy acrylic paint to create depth and range within the background and poppyseed creation.

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This painting has the border painted black so it can be hung without a frame, it has hanging string on the back to pop straight onto your wall. Thank you for your time and interest in my paintings.


My artworks are created with either acrylic or oil paints often mixed with acrylic medium. More recent artworks are finished with a gloss and sometimes matte medium to bring the painting together and protect it for many years. All paintings are original, one-of-a-kind artworks on high-quality canvas frames. All paintings are original, one-of-a-kind artworks on high-quality canvas frames.

Buying an Artwork

'Rose Haw' is an original one of a kind acrylic still life painting of a rose haw currently displayed and on offer in the The Darryl Nantais Gallery in Linton, United Kingdom. Artworks can be purchased online via the contact form. You can discover paintings that are still available for sale and the price on the ArtFinder shop. Please note - If you purchase them directly via the contact form, you will receive a 20% discount.


Artworks by Louisa Corr can be shipped worldwide

  • Professionally and securely packaged for National and International courier services

  • Delivered straight to your door

  • Packaged in a reinforced box

  • Sent within 10 business days of your order

  • Shipping enquiries can be done using the contact form.


Artworks arrive with painted black edges, and wire hangings with string/wire on the back ready for you to hang on the wall. Most artworks are unframed, if you wish to frame a painting, feel free to do so.

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