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German Drains

This is an old piece I did many years ago in Germany. There is something about the pattern of the drains in Germany that I really like and it is quite nostalgic for me whenever I see them again. It brings back memories as a child playing happily on roller blades or running around the German houses provided to us by the British Forces Army.

Please bear in mind that is a bit worn at the edges as it is on paper and also as you can see in the photos, the back of the paper isn’t in the greatest condition, this is only due to it being transported from Germany and having been made years ago. It is also a collage some some parts coming off, but I quite like it, it gives it more of a 3D effect as you can see in the photos.

My paintings will arrive to you safely and securely packaged as a signed and tracked delivery in a rolled up tube.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments about my artwork.

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