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Where can I get a portrait done?

I am accepting portrait commissions, I will paint your photo and send it to your home! Please check my work on instagram if you like my portrait painting style, DM me a photo you would like me to paint via instagram @louisacorrartist

Show shoulders and a bit of space above your head.

Try to have a blank background or let me know what colour you’d like your background.

Price and material:

  1. £80 – £100 on acrylic paper

  2. £100 – £200 on canvas

I am accepting 50% deposit in order to pay for materials and time and to build trust between you and myself. Then I will send a photo of the portrait and if all happy I will post it to you signed delivery. Once you receive it and happy, then the last 50% will be sent via bacs transfer.

I look forward to hearing from you with any dquestions and receiving photos for me to work on.

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