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Abstraction: Products

Louisa is working on a series of abstract paintings that are designed to be visually pleasing and also ambiguous in relation to subject matter.


They can be enjoyed on a purely visual level, with subtle surface qualities modulated with vibrant colours and often partially revealed through layers of more restrained tonality. These effects are created by a combination of selective scraping back and adding accents with an assortment of brushes, sponges and palette knifes.


These works are often designed with a carefully structured composition encouraging the viewer to interpret each painting in a personal way.


Louisa Corr is currently based between Cambridge and London. She was born in North West Germany and moved to Doha, Qatar where she had a series of exhibitions showcasing her 'Middle Eastern' series of abstract cubist paintings.

These paintings captured the intense light and heat of the desert sun, reflected in the architectural shapes of mosques and minarets. These works often include striking sunsets which represents with overlapping layers of translucent and opaque acrylic glaze.

She regularly comes back to this style to explore the pleasingly aesthetic colours, shapes and scenes of Canada, UK and America.

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