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Art competitions: Created a painting in a day with Pintar Rapido!

Had a challenging yet rewarding day painting in one day on the streets of London. After wondering for about 10 minutes from Chelsea Old Town Hall (not prepared to take a wet painting back on the tube…read on discover a very good reason for this!) I decided to paint Fulham Road as I discovered some beautifully pastel coloured flats above a busy street and a great location.

Pintar Rapido Art Competition - Painting in One Day - Fulham Road

When I paint on the streets of London or carry a canvas on the underground tube, I inevitably receive comments, questions, compliments and sometimes strange behaviour that I am unsure how to react to…

One woman on the London underground, decided it was completely acceptable to use my canvas as a seat! (It was not busy may I add) She sat on my 50cm by 80.9cm canvas! (To be fair, perfect sitting height…) I felt I couldn’t say,

‘Er…Can you get off my canvas? I am about to paint it for an art competition! And you are going to warp the canvas with that big derriere and I don’t want to be painting over your bum print!!’

So instead, I opted for a very kind suggestion that made it sound like I really didn’t mind she chose my canvas for a seat,

“excuse me, the canvas might still be wet, I would be careful.”

She amazingly said,

“Oh! Thank you!!”

She wiped her bum accordingly, then her response lead me to conclude she was very aware she was sitting on a canvas AND felt that was fine!? I wish I had taken a picture.

This is the progress I made within my allotted time, of which I only spent 4-5 hours painting…getting a good morning lie in isn’t going to happen without me!

Capturing Fulham Road in a painting

Apart from this, the painting part was incredibly enjoyable and I look forward to the exhibition in Chelsea Old Town Hall today on Kings Road. Come along to view over 400 paintings painted in a day! Pintar Rapido Art Exhibition.

Pintar Rapido competition

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