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Art culture: New artist fair in Shoreditch!

After visiting the

new artist fair at the Truman Brewery on Ely’s yard on the weekend (06/09/15), I couldn’t stop thinking about the theme running through the paintings by Ho Shut Yin Stephanie. Stephanie plays really well with perspective, space and size in her art pieces as she strips away the environment and just leaves people with specific clothes, posessions and shadows to represent any given environment. Interestingly, we are given very little information that hints to the envirnoment, in fact blank space, but with closer inspection of the characters, their environment and activities becomes very clear. I liked them for their similia theme and style within each art work, they are simple and appeal to audiences and in the art fair they proved very popular with the public viewing the work.

I intend to work on a theme and concept to apply for next years fair. Watch this space!

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