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Art celebrity news: Alan Davies watches me paint!

The ART of celebrity video bombing! by Alan Davies…

For my first official art-land video for my blog I decided to paint in Hampstead Heath by the Affordable Art Fair. To my shock when I got home to view the footage, I realised I had had a surprise celebrity guest enjoy my work…in dare I say it a confused way (classic Alan Davies)! He made a detour down the grass to take a look and view my painting! As you can tell, I was so busy enjoying my artwork being admired by a fellow (AAF) artist I didn’t notice he was standing next to me – I bet it would have made for some ‘quite interesting’ content for my video from Alan Davies himself! Come back to see what more surprises I may have for you…I will keep a better eye out for whomever might be a fan next time! Check out all my available work, including the one I was painting here titled ‘Hampstead Heath’ on

Alan Davies watching me painting


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